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Nexxus Iberia sells Bienzobas Oncología to Atrys Health, S.A.

Nexxus Iberia sells Bienzobas Oncología to Atrys Health, S.A.

Founded in 2000 by Eliseo and Paula García, Bienzobas is the Spanish leader in the provision and management of medical oncology services with a growing international presence in Mexico and Portugal. Bienzobas is currently responsible for the oncology treatment of a reference population of more than 2 million insured patients. It is also the leader in oncology consulting services in Spain, through agreements with the main health insurance companies and healthcare groups in the country. Bienzobas has a network of more than 70 oncologists in Spain, is present in more than 40 hospitals and medical centers and treats more than 2,000 patients annually.
In February 2020, funds managed by Nexxus Iberia took a controlling stake in Bienzobas to support the company in its growth, its professionalization and internationalization with the view of building strategic value.
With the active support of its shareholders and under the management of Marian Isach, a Nexxus-backed CEO, Bienzobas has grown consistently in recent years, reaching above €31M in revenue in 2021. In two and half years of Nexxus’ ownership, the workforce has grown by 64% and Bienzobas has expanded to Mexico through the acquisition of Cuidarte. Bienzobas has also developed its own technological platform that uses big data and artificial intelligence to optimize healthcare management, support clinical decisions and enhance patient monitoring. It has also focused on improving patient´s experience and quality of care with initiatives such as post treatment follow-up, quality surveys throughout the patient journey, and constant review of protocols and circuits, in accordance with best practices (obtaining ISO 9001 as a result).
Eliseo and Paula García, Bienzobas’ founders commented: As founders of Bienzobas, maintaining our medical model was paramount to us, our patients and the team that had worked with us for the last twenty years. The choice of Nexxus Iberia was driven by our belief that they would be a collaborative partner that would help us further improve our service to patients whilst growing in Spain and Internationally. Nexxus Iberia trusted us in our way of managing our clinical practice and people and they have been of great help in achieving growth whilst improving quality. Our people have had many opportunities to develop and grow professionally throughout this journey.
Marian Isach, CEO of Bienzobas Oncología further commented: Partnering with Nexxus Iberia gave us the flexibility to develop our shared plan for national and international growth. Their ability
to adapt to a family business like Bienzobas has given us the opportunity to consolidate the project and introduce new resources, which have made it possible. However, the greatest contribution of Nexxus Iberia to our company has been the honesty, flexibility and, above all, humanity with which they have accompanied us during these two intense years, as true traveling companions.
Alejandro Diazayas, Managing Partner of Nexxus Iberia further commented: “We are proud of having contributed to the value creation of Bienzobas in conjunction with our partners, the executive management team and all the employees. At Nexxus Iberia we have built over the years expertise in healthcare as a suitable sector for our investment strategy and also a sector which is in adequation with our broader values of serving a purpose. Indeed, with Bienzobas we were really proud to support a company that cares for people and constantly looks to improve patients’ lives and livelihoods.”
Maite Ballester, Managing Partner of Nexxus Iberia further commented: “Bienzobas is a great example of a success story backed by Nexxus Iberia and reflects our investment strategy in family run companies to support them in the acceleration of growth and the international expansion. We would like to congratulate founders Eliseo and Paula García as well as Marian Isach for what they have accomplished with us. We are convinced that Atrys, a global healthcare group is testament to the strategic value created under our ownership with founders and management and we are convinced that Atrys is very well-positioned to support Bienzobas in the next phase of its growth.
EY acted as legal advisor to the sellers in the transaction.


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